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We provide a friendly and comfortable supported living accommodation for young adults and adults with special needs (learning disabilities, physical disabilities,mental health conditions, sensory impairments and dementia).

Our supported living schemes combine the advantages of independence with the reassurance of twenty four hour on site support. It provides an opportunity to build relationships/coping skills with co-residents, to develop confidence and self esteem within a supportive environment.


We offer individualised support which reflects the varying levels of needs, choices and wishes of each individual. Our support plans are drawn as part of the holistic assessment of each individual.
Some individuals may need guidance or practical assistance with administering their personal care, cooking, laundry, shopping, budgeting and paying bills, behavioural management, etc.; whilst others may be more independent in carrying out those skills but may need help with other skills like activity planning.

Our Staff

Our dedicated and highly skilled team works with the people we support, with their social workers and family/friends. We aim to provide holistic support and services that meet individual needs and ensure that they are in control of their lives. We:

  • Develop the person’s everyday living skills, including cooking, cleaning and shopping
  • Attend to personal care, including managing and administering their medication
  • Provide support to maintain tenancies, including budgeting, maintaining the homes, understanding and following the terms and conditions of tenancy agreements
  • Support the client in accessing local and wider community facilities
  • Facilitate relationships so that the client can be a valued member of their community
  • Support the client’s independence by enabling them to make their own choices and decisions about life
  • Support with training and employment
  • Support with benefits
  • Access leisure activities.

Our clients are encouraged to be involved and to play an active role in everything we do. This includes decisions on how their services are run and takes place in a variety of ways, including:

  • Independently facilitated Advocacy forums
  • Tenants meetings
  • The recruitment of staff.